My wife is always running late!

Shhh… Please don’t tell her I said that she’s always running late, she might kill me. The wife said she wanted a t shirt from Tee Spring as well after I showed her my whiskey shirt so I started searching for one that would fit her perfectly. She’s into running, jogging, cardio, exercising, going to the gym and fitness so I used that as my starting point. I knew the shirt had to be unique and funny enough for her to wear it and really appreciate my gift.

Funny tank top on Tee Spring for my wife.

I love the fact that she looks after her body and looks super sexy at the same! So when I found the running late is my cardio tank top, I thought it was the perfect piece of clothing that she could wear. On the plus side if she would wear it she would further prove my point that she’s always running late for work or whatever event we’re off to (points scored for husbands everywhere!).

I haven’t showed her the t-shirt or tank top yet (there’s a bunch of design for running late is my cardio). What do you guys think? Would you ever buy your wife a funny shirt without her knowing about it? I mean women like surprises but what if she completely hates the shirt and don’t see it as a joke but an insult?

Oops… I need to tread carefully on this one; however I have the idea that if I would buy her that shirt all her running friends and husbands will want to do the same… Here’s all the running late is my cardio shirts for those interested:

I’m not sure I would do this to my wife but take a look at what these couples do to each other…