I love my whiskey!

This blog feels like it’s going nowhere so I might just as well use it to blog about the things I love like Whiskey. Previously I’ve promoted some local SA businesses and had all kinds of posts on here but now I’ve decided to just let go whether it’s weird or not. Some South Africans like, or let me rather say most South Africans like drinking alcohol. I think we’re one of the biggest beer consumers in the world, however when it comes to winding down I like to drink some whiskey. That’s when I bumped into this:

whiskey clothing

What a weird, yet powerful shirt. I’m not sure if I would wear a Whiskey is my spirit animal t shirt but I can see how this would interest people from a “funny shirt” stand point. This actually looks like a perfect shirt to wear to a beer festival – haha.

I decided to take a closer look at the company selling these shirts (Tee Spring) and realized that most shirts being sold on that website are designed by individual users and sold on a “limited bases”. Someone who likes whiskey the way I do probably decided to create a Whiskey is my spirit animal shirt after seeing those quotes being used somewhere and decided to create a store around that. If I’m not mistaken the store is also called the Whiskey is my spirit animal clothing store or something similar..

I started to dive deeper into how Tee Spring worked (see how this is turning into a business post rather than just a “I love whiskey” post?). From the looks of it you can design your shirt, tank top, stickers and all kinds of clothing then you list the product on Tee Spring, you sell the product and they create + ship these products to customers. It’s an ingenious business model If you ask me. I would definitely have given this business a go if it was available in South Africa. I think the import tax on clothing really kills it for us some times.

You might be able to order your own whiskey shirt but be prepared to pay outrages amounts for shipping, not to mention import tax. These guys also created a video promoting some of their other shirts: