For the love of South Africa

As a South African I’m well aware of the beauty and large number of problems we face as a nation on a daily basis. Some of the worse points include corruption, crime, poverty and much more. However we still have a lot to be proud of. We live in an amazing country surrounded by wild life, beautiful structures, long sandy beaches and a diverse culture. So it’s no wonder that tourists flock to our fair country every year.

In order to do my part as a South African I have decided to create a website dedicated to the wonderful locations in and around South Africa. From amazing game farms, to sandy beaches, to nature reserves I will be blogging about these real estate locations. I hope to encourage more South Africans to appreciate their country, to motivate tourists to come and visit our country and to invest in property in South Africa. I also want to help local businesses promote their services so you might find some useful tips for tourists here as well. Being a business owner myself and have invested in multiple real estate properties in South Africa I want to focus on South African real estate when posting about businesses.

For those that don’t know South Africa that well, see this amazing video that has been taking the internet by storms and tell our countries whole store in a matter of minutes. Thank you for visiting my proudly South African blog!