Fat Stacks For Your Work On The Internet

Have you ever gotten an idea and simply decided to act on it right away? That’s how it is with this fat stacks post. Even though it sounds like some line from a hip hop artist’s album, it’s the name of a super influential and information blog I discovered months ago.

The blog is called The Fatstacks Blog and is basically covers one guy’s journey from being a lawyer to making a full-time income online. Before you start questioning this blog post, let me say this guy is the real deal. He isn’t part of those crappy questionable internet marketing programs out there. The amount of information he makes available to the public for free on his blog can actually allow you to make fat stack of money.

making fat stacks

I can already see some of you widening your eyes and looking at me like you don’t know what’s going on. Did you know that there is a hidden community, okay maybe not so hidden anymore, of people making livelihoods based on income they generate from websites? That’s exactly what the Fat Stack blog teaches. The owner talks about his tips and tricks in his own business, what methods he uses, how he makes money, different approaches you can take, outsourcing and more.

If you’ve ever thought of entering the world of making money on the internet this is a legitimate place to start. Like many teachers online he offers a paid course which I believe is pretty great. I mean, if you see the stuff he puts out for free which holds almost nothing back, how much more information will he give you when you buy a paid course from him.

I believe this concludes our technology lesson for the day. Go and take a look and tell me what you liked and didn’t like about the fat stacks blog!

2017 Is a new year for Evolve Pro

I have almost completely forgotten about this website. Over this past weekend, I remembered I had it since I needed to pay the yearly domain fee again. Looking at all the blog posts I had written in 2016 made me realize how slightly and some would say utterly random they were. I mean I’ve written about many businesses in my local area/town, cool t-shirts I found online, an article about weight loss in Afrikaans and more. I think that if I want to get serious about Evolve Pro, I need a common theme.

The idea I got to reinvent this blog wasn’t groundbreaking. In fact, I don’t want to change much of what I’ve previously done I just want to improve. One thing that will be new is my article series on “teaching South Africans about the internet.” Too often I realize how utterly clueless some South Africans are, no matter your color or age, towards technology and the internet.

I’ve even seen some South African search for “wat moet ek Google.” In plain English, this means people are opening a web browser, visiting Google and typing “What should I Google.” If that isn’t clueless, I don’t know what is. That’s the idea I have for reinventing this website. I might add a mix between Afrikaans and English posts, but you can know for sure that you’re going to learn something about technology and the internet.

Also because this is a proudly South African blog I will write it as only South Africans can do in our witty one of a kind humor.