Wedding DJ Cape Town

Wedding DJ Cape Town

I almost forgot about my friend in the Wedding DJ industry in Cape Town. His business is very well known and he’s an excellent DJ. He calls himself DJ Dean SA and not only does he do weddings but also corporate event, birthday parties, Matric farewells and much more. He also has a thriving DJ equipment rental business in Cape Town. Find out more about his business below:

Business name: DJ Dean SA

Phone: 084 922 4757

Construction Companies In Bloemfontein

construction companies in bloemfonteinWhile I’m on the subject of Bloemfontein I’d like to help promote some of the construction companies out there. I know there are a few companies to be listed that do construction like Lenova, WGK & Tau Pele construction but the one that helped my family the most when I was in the Free State was M-Cubed. I’d like to say they are the best in Bloemfontein. The offer many services with decking and flower box creation some of the lessor known. Find their details below:

Business name: M-Cubed

Address: PO Box 29179 Danhof 9301

Phone: 051 -4360071

Builders Warehouse Bloemfontein Contact

builders warehouse bloemfontein

This will be a very short post. Recently I went to Bloemfontein and visited the Builders Warehouse store. There service was really great and making contact with the sales people was unbelievably easy. I wish other businesses would model what these guys do. I thought that I would repay their kindness by featuring them on my website. You can find there contact details below:

Business name: Builders Warehouse Bloemfontein

Address: Pasteur Ave, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Phone: +27 51 101 2000