Dis hoe ek gaan gewig verloor: sop en oefen…

Dit mag dalk as ‘n skok kom dat hierdie deurmekaar website van my ‘n Afrikaanse post kry. Onthou, ek hou van Suid-Afrikaans en wat is meer Suid-Afrikaans as om iets te sê in Afrikaans? Jy my dalk ‘n paar snaakse woorde hoor tussen in want ek is al so gewoont aan Engels praat en tik dat ek al amper vergeet het van Afrikaans.

Om ‘n storie kort te knip, dis alweer sulke tyd van die jaar en met dit bedoel ek die tyd wat ek besef dat ek dalk nodig het om so ‘n paar klios gewig te verloor. My grooste probleem is natuurlik my maag en die ander issue is dat ek nie altyd baie tyd het om gym toe te gaan en terug nie – werk en familie hou my redelik besig. Ek het iewers gelees hoe mense praat van sop en hoe jy dit kan eet, sonder om enige tyd te spandeer aan oefening, en selfs gewig verloor.

Dit laat my sommer terug dink aan die dae wat my ma altyd vir my sop gemaak het. Lyk my vrouens is oor die algemeen mal oor sop want toe ek vir my vrou dit genoem het, het sy vinnig vir my haar gunsteling sop dieet plan voorgeskryf en om alle koste belowe dat dit sal werk. Ek is nog nie presies seker hoe hierdie dieet my sal help gewig verloor om my maag nie, maar die website waarna sy my verwys het het wel ‘n hele paar ander tips ook.

As dit kom by hoe om gewig te verloor om jou middel lyk my dat my drome van geen oefening dalk nie so goed gan realiseer nie aangesien een van die tips wat hierdie website gee is om oefening te doen. Dit maak seker sin, dalk moet ek nie begin draf of iets elke dag of twee. Ek is seker dit sal ook baie help. Met betrekking tot die hele sop storie: ek dink ek sal dit probeer maar ek is nie seker of dit regtig sal werk nie, maar aangesien die vrou dit voorgeskryf het kan ek seker nie nee sê nie… Dieselle website wat die sop dieet voorskryf praat ook van ‘n 28 dag dieet wat hulle eintlik heeltemal ander voorskryf. In plaas van die 28 dag ding praat hulle van ‘n 3 weke ding wat nog beter klink vir my. Hoe vinniger ek onstlae kan raak van hierdie magie hoe beter. Ek weet net nie of ek hierdie dieet sal kan maak nie – ek hou nogals van eet en om ‘n 28 dae dieet plan of 3 weke dinge of watookal te volg klink nog moeiliker as om sop te eet…

Ondersteun gerus die website waar ek al hierdie inligting gekry, hulle verskaf al hulle inligting in Afrikaans wat ek vind nogals uniek is: Weesgesond.co.za

As een van julle in dieselfde boodjie sit as ek met bietjie van ‘n boep probeer gerus die sop ding en doen so bietjie oefening dan laat weet jy vir my hoe dit uitdraai asseblief.

Hiers ‘n video wat jou sekerlik sal laat lag…



My wife is always running late!

Shhh… Please don’t tell her I said that she’s always running late, she might kill me. The wife said she wanted a t shirt from Tee Spring as well after I showed her my whiskey shirt so I started searching for one that would fit her perfectly. She’s into running, jogging, cardio, exercising, going to the gym and fitness so I used that as my starting point. I knew the shirt had to be unique and funny enough for her to wear it and really appreciate my gift.

Funny tank top on Tee Spring for my wife.

I love the fact that she looks after her body and looks super sexy at the same! So when I found the running late is my cardio tank top, I thought it was the perfect piece of clothing that she could wear. On the plus side if she would wear it she would further prove my point that she’s always running late for work or whatever event we’re off to (points scored for husbands everywhere!).

I haven’t showed her the t-shirt or tank top yet (there’s a bunch of design for running late is my cardio). What do you guys think? Would you ever buy your wife a funny shirt without her knowing about it? I mean women like surprises but what if she completely hates the shirt and don’t see it as a joke but an insult?

Oops… I need to tread carefully on this one; however I have the idea that if I would buy her that shirt all her running friends and husbands will want to do the same… Here’s all the running late is my cardio shirts for those interested: teespring.com/stores/running-late-is-my-cardio.

I’m not sure I would do this to my wife but take a look at what these couples do to each other…

I love my whiskey!

This blog feels like it’s going nowhere so I might just as well use it to blog about the things I love like Whiskey. Previously I’ve promoted some local SA businesses and had all kinds of posts on here but now I’ve decided to just let go whether it’s weird or not. Some South Africans like, or let me rather say most South Africans like drinking alcohol. I think we’re one of the biggest beer consumers in the world, however when it comes to winding down I like to drink some whiskey. That’s when I bumped into this:

whiskey clothing

What a weird, yet powerful shirt. I’m not sure if I would wear a Whiskey is my spirit animal t shirt but I can see how this would interest people from a “funny shirt” stand point. This actually looks like a perfect shirt to wear to a beer festival – haha.

I decided to take a closer look at the company selling these shirts (Tee Spring) and realized that most shirts being sold on that website are designed by individual users and sold on a “limited bases”. Someone who likes whiskey the way I do probably decided to create a Whiskey is my spirit animal shirt after seeing those quotes being used somewhere and decided to create a store around that. If I’m not mistaken the store is also called the Whiskey is my spirit animal clothing store or something similar..

I started to dive deeper into how Tee Spring worked (see how this is turning into a business post rather than just a “I love whiskey” post?). From the looks of it you can design your shirt, tank top, stickers and all kinds of clothing then you list the product on Tee Spring, you sell the product and they create + ship these products to customers. It’s an ingenious business model If you ask me. I would definitely have given this business a go if it was available in South Africa. I think the import tax on clothing really kills it for us some times.

You might be able to order your own whiskey shirt but be prepared to pay outrages amounts for shipping, not to mention import tax. These guys also created a video promoting some of their other shirts:

Buying Cape Town Property…

Cape Town, oh Cape Town – probably one of the most vibrant cities in the western part of South Africa. This big city is very well known not only in South Africa but also over the world for popular attractions like Table Mountain and Clifton beach. As a South African I’ve had the privilege to experience most the city has to offer from hiking Lions Head, or Table Mountain, to visiting the Waterfront, to going to weird and wonderful clubs and tanning on its sandy (and very cold beaches).

The amount of foreigners living or enjoying their holidays in Cape Town is normally a lot so chances are if you’re not a South African you’ll know someone staying there or at least who have been there. That’s all great but how is the property market in Cape Town is it worth investing in or even staying in? The short answer is that if you own a house in Cape Town you could probably rent is for way more than a house in Brackenfell I mentioned in my earlier post. However if you’d like to stay there yourself it might aquire a certain understanding on the city, a city the almost never sleeps and has a wide variety of characters. From hipsters, rockers, students, beggars and much more your time there will be very interesting to say the least.

House prices in this city are not for the faint of heart. Prepare to by a lot over typical suburban house value and pay rent for even more. However in terms of investing this city never seems to slow down. It’s tourist attractions, a business hub and the capital of the Western Cape so you’ll never be short of buyers.

For the love of South Africa

As a South African I’m well aware of the beauty and large number of problems we face as a nation on a daily basis. Some of the worse points include corruption, crime, poverty and much more. However we still have a lot to be proud of. We live in an amazing country surrounded by wild life, beautiful structures, long sandy beaches and a diverse culture. So it’s no wonder that tourists flock to our fair country every year.

In order to do my part as a South African I have decided to create a website dedicated to the wonderful locations in and around South Africa. From amazing game farms, to sandy beaches, to nature reserves I will be blogging about these real estate locations. I hope to encourage more South Africans to appreciate their country, to motivate tourists to come and visit our country and to invest in property in South Africa. I also want to help local businesses promote their services so you might find some useful tips for tourists here as well. Being a business owner myself and have invested in multiple real estate properties in South Africa I want to focus on South African real estate when posting about businesses.

For those that don’t know South Africa that well, see this amazing video that has been taking the internet by storms and tell our countries whole store in a matter of minutes. Thank you for visiting my proudly South African blog!