Fat Stacks For Your Work On The Internet

Have you ever gotten an idea and simply decided to act on it right away? That’s how it is with this fat stacks post. Even though it sounds like some line from a hip hop artist’s album, it’s the name of a super influential and information blog I discovered months ago.

The blog is called The Fatstacks Blog and is basically covers one guy’s journey from being a lawyer to making a full-time income online. Before you start questioning this blog post, let me say this guy is the real deal. He isn’t part of those crappy questionable internet marketing programs out there. The amount of information he makes available to the public for free on his blog can actually allow you to make fat stack of money.

making fat stacks

I can already see some of you widening your eyes and looking at me like you don’t know what’s going on. Did you know that there is a hidden community, okay maybe not so hidden anymore, of people making livelihoods based on income they generate from websites? That’s exactly what the Fat Stack blog teaches. The owner talks about his tips and tricks in his own business, what methods he uses, how he makes money, different approaches you can take, outsourcing and more.

If you’ve ever thought of entering the world of making money on the internet this is a legitimate place to start. Like many teachers online he offers a paid course which I believe is pretty great. I mean, if you see the stuff he puts out for free which holds almost nothing back, how much more information will he give you when you buy a paid course from him.

I believe this concludes our technology lesson for the day. Go and take a look and tell me what you liked and didn’t like about the fat stacks blog!

2017 Is a new year for Evolve Pro

I have almost completely forgotten about this website. Over this past weekend, I remembered I had it since I needed to pay the yearly domain fee again. Looking at all the blog posts I had written in 2016 made me realize how slightly and some would say utterly random they were. I mean I’ve written about many businesses in my local area/town, cool t-shirts I found online, an article about weight loss in Afrikaans and more. I think that if I want to get serious about Evolve Pro, I need a common theme.

The idea I got to reinvent this blog wasn’t groundbreaking. In fact, I don’t want to change much of what I’ve previously done I just want to improve. One thing that will be new is my article series on “teaching South Africans about the internet.” Too often I realize how utterly clueless some South Africans are, no matter your color or age, towards technology and the internet.

I’ve even seen some South African search for “wat moet ek Google.” In plain English, this means people are opening a web browser, visiting Google and typing “What should I Google.” If that isn’t clueless, I don’t know what is. That’s the idea I have for reinventing this website. I might add a mix between Afrikaans and English posts, but you can know for sure that you’re going to learn something about technology and the internet.

Also because this is a proudly South African blog I will write it as only South Africans can do in our witty one of a kind humor.

Dis hoe ek gaan gewig verloor: sop en oefen…

Dit mag dalk as ‘n skok kom dat hierdie deurmekaar website van my ‘n Afrikaanse post kry. Onthou, ek hou van Suid-Afrikaans en wat is meer Suid-Afrikaans as om iets te sê in Afrikaans? Jy my dalk ‘n paar snaakse woorde hoor tussen in want ek is al so gewoont aan Engels praat en tik dat ek al amper vergeet het van Afrikaans.

Om ‘n storie kort te knip, dis alweer sulke tyd van die jaar en met dit bedoel ek die tyd wat ek besef dat ek dalk nodig het om so ‘n paar klios gewig te verloor. My grooste probleem is natuurlik my maag en die ander issue is dat ek nie altyd baie tyd het om gym toe te gaan en terug nie – werk en familie hou my redelik besig. Ek het iewers gelees hoe mense praat van sop en hoe jy dit kan eet, sonder om enige tyd te spandeer aan oefening, en selfs gewig verloor.

Dit laat my sommer terug dink aan die dae wat my ma altyd vir my sop gemaak het. Lyk my vrouens is oor die algemeen mal oor sop want toe ek vir my vrou dit genoem het, het sy vinnig vir my haar gunsteling sop dieet plan voorgeskryf en om alle koste belowe dat dit sal werk. Ek is nog nie presies seker hoe hierdie dieet my sal help gewig verloor om my maag nie, maar die website waarna sy my verwys het het wel ‘n hele paar ander tips ook.

As dit kom by hoe om gewig te verloor om jou middel lyk my dat my drome van geen oefening dalk nie so goed gan realiseer nie aangesien een van die tips wat hierdie website gee is om oefening te doen. Dit maak seker sin, dalk moet ek nie begin draf of iets elke dag of twee. Ek is seker dit sal ook baie help. Met betrekking tot die hele sop storie: ek dink ek sal dit probeer maar ek is nie seker of dit regtig sal werk nie, maar aangesien die vrou dit voorgeskryf het kan ek seker nie nee sê nie… Dieselle website wat die sop dieet voorskryf praat ook van ‘n 28 dag dieet wat hulle eintlik heeltemal ander voorskryf. In plaas van die 28 dag ding praat hulle van ‘n 3 weke ding wat nog beter klink vir my. Hoe vinniger ek onstlae kan raak van hierdie magie hoe beter. Ek weet net nie of ek hierdie dieet sal kan maak nie – ek hou nogals van eet en om ‘n 28 dae dieet plan of 3 weke dinge of watookal te volg klink nog moeiliker as om sop te eet…

Ondersteun gerus die website waar ek al hierdie inligting gekry, hulle verskaf al hulle inligting in Afrikaans wat ek vind nogals uniek is: Weesgesond.co.za

As een van julle in dieselfde boodjie sit as ek met bietjie van ‘n boep probeer gerus die sop ding en doen so bietjie oefening dan laat weet jy vir my hoe dit uitdraai asseblief.

Hiers ‘n video wat jou sekerlik sal laat lag…



My wife is always running late!

Shhh… Please don’t tell her I said that she’s always running late, she might kill me. The wife said she wanted a t shirt from Tee Spring as well after I showed her my whiskey shirt so I started searching for one that would fit her perfectly. She’s into running, jogging, cardio, exercising, going to the gym and fitness so I used that as my starting point. I knew the shirt had to be unique and funny enough for her to wear it and really appreciate my gift.

Funny tank top on Tee Spring for my wife.

I love the fact that she looks after her body and looks super sexy at the same! So when I found the running late is my cardio tank top, I thought it was the perfect piece of clothing that she could wear. On the plus side if she would wear it she would further prove my point that she’s always running late for work or whatever event we’re off to (points scored for husbands everywhere!).

I haven’t showed her the t-shirt or tank top yet (there’s a bunch of design for running late is my cardio). What do you guys think? Would you ever buy your wife a funny shirt without her knowing about it? I mean women like surprises but what if she completely hates the shirt and don’t see it as a joke but an insult?

Oops… I need to tread carefully on this one; however I have the idea that if I would buy her that shirt all her running friends and husbands will want to do the same… Here’s all the running late is my cardio shirts for those interested: teespring.com/stores/running-late-is-my-cardio.

I’m not sure I would do this to my wife but take a look at what these couples do to each other…

I love my whiskey!

This blog feels like it’s going nowhere so I might just as well use it to blog about the things I love like Whiskey. Previously I’ve promoted some local SA businesses and had all kinds of posts on here but now I’ve decided to just let go whether it’s weird or not. Some South Africans like, or let me rather say most South Africans like drinking alcohol. I think we’re one of the biggest beer consumers in the world, however when it comes to winding down I like to drink some whiskey. That’s when I bumped into this:

whiskey clothing

What a weird, yet powerful shirt. I’m not sure if I would wear a Whiskey is my spirit animal t shirt but I can see how this would interest people from a “funny shirt” stand point. This actually looks like a perfect shirt to wear to a beer festival – haha.

I decided to take a closer look at the company selling these shirts (Tee Spring) and realized that most shirts being sold on that website are designed by individual users and sold on a “limited bases”. Someone who likes whiskey the way I do probably decided to create a Whiskey is my spirit animal shirt after seeing those quotes being used somewhere and decided to create a store around that. If I’m not mistaken the store is also called the Whiskey is my spirit animal clothing store or something similar..

I started to dive deeper into how Tee Spring worked (see how this is turning into a business post rather than just a “I love whiskey” post?). From the looks of it you can design your shirt, tank top, stickers and all kinds of clothing then you list the product on Tee Spring, you sell the product and they create + ship these products to customers. It’s an ingenious business model If you ask me. I would definitely have given this business a go if it was available in South Africa. I think the import tax on clothing really kills it for us some times.

You might be able to order your own whiskey shirt but be prepared to pay outrages amounts for shipping, not to mention import tax. These guys also created a video promoting some of their other shirts:

Wedding DJ Cape Town

Wedding DJ Cape Town

I almost forgot about my friend in the Wedding DJ industry in Cape Town. His business is very well known and he’s an excellent DJ. He calls himself DJ Dean SA and not only does he do weddings but also corporate event, birthday parties, Matric farewells and much more. He also has a thriving DJ equipment rental business in Cape Town. Find out more about his business below:

Business name: DJ Dean SA

Phone: 084 922 4757

Construction Companies In Bloemfontein

construction companies in bloemfonteinWhile I’m on the subject of Bloemfontein I’d like to help promote some of the construction companies out there. I know there are a few companies to be listed that do construction like Lenova, WGK & Tau Pele construction but the one that helped my family the most when I was in the Free State was M-Cubed. I’d like to say they are the best in Bloemfontein. The offer many services with decking and flower box creation some of the lessor known. Find their details below:

Business name: M-Cubed

Address: PO Box 29179 Danhof 9301

Phone: 051 -4360071

Builders Warehouse Bloemfontein Contact

builders warehouse bloemfontein

This will be a very short post. Recently I went to Bloemfontein and visited the Builders Warehouse store. There service was really great and making contact with the sales people was unbelievably easy. I wish other businesses would model what these guys do. I thought that I would repay their kindness by featuring them on my website. You can find there contact details below:

Business name: Builders Warehouse Bloemfontein

Address: Pasteur Ave, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Phone: +27 51 101 2000

Zone Fitness Brackenfell

Zone Fitness Brackenfell

Keeping up with my effort on trying to promote local businesses for this week’s post I’ve decided to add a local gym to the website. This gym is a lot more affordable than others in Brackenfell and it’s called Zone Fitness. We all need that exercise is good for you so do yourself a favor and sign up there. Being healthy and staying active is great. You can find this local business on the map below.

Trailer Hire Brackenfell

Trailer hire Brackenfell

Keeping up with my trend of helping and promoting some local businesses in this website I turned to my old town and thought of some businesses that helped me in the past. Trailer hire in Brackenfell was one that came to mind, these guys provide great quality trailers for hire at very competitive prices and of course have great service.  As far as this type of service goes there isn’t really much more to say. Unfortunately, I don’t have a current price list for you as the owner of this business doesn’t even know I’m doing this blog post. Hopefully, it brings them some more business. Local is lekker and I love to promote the local economy and businesses of South Africa. I’m trying to give them as much exposure as possible so I’ll link to all their websites I found on their main website.


Business name: Trailer Hire Brackenfell

Area covered: Brackenfell, Kuilsrivier, Kraaifontein, Bellville and more.

Trading hours: 07:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday; 08:00 – 12:00 Saturday.

For those of you that don’t know anything about Brackenfell you can see the High School’s marching band in this video below.

Here’s the map Brackenfell below, it’s a small suburb of Cape Town: